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Upgrade your Scripts - Very Important

This notice concerns you if you are running any of the following software on your website:

* phpBB older than version 2.0.22
* Wiki older than version 1.9.5
* Joomla! older than version 1.0.12
* Wordpress older than version 2.1.2
* Mambo older than version 4.6
* PHP-Nuke older than version 7.8

If you are running ANY of the older versions, YOU MUST UPGRADE due to the several High Level vulnerabilities that affect ALL previous versions of these software.

If you installed any of these software from cPanel, upgrade options will be available in cPanel.

Due to some massive spam / hack attempts, we also request all users to disable OPEN trackbacks, posting or commenting by UNREGISTERED visitors on your websites.

Resellers are requested to make sure their clients are also aware of this issue so they can also take appropriate measure to secure their websites.

Your security is of Prime Importance to us; we will always strive to keep your account safe so you can worry about the things that are important to you. We hope you will join us in keeping “Security” a TOP priority.

Thank you for your cooperation and timely action.

Support Team
The Web Brains

Thursday, May 17, 2007

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